About me

Taking a laid-back approach to wedding photography, I like to play an unobtrusive part in your big day capturing natural honest photographs that tell the story of your day. I try to keep the posing of couples to a minimum as this takes you away from old friends and family that need catching up with and drinks that need to be necked. In essence, real memories of real people doing real stuff.


I love photography, that goes without saying. I come from a design background and this has heavily influenced my work in terms of composition and style.

I love baking bread although no two loaves are the same... I do try.

I love the outdoors, mountains, forests and lakes.

I love solitude and fresh air. I love escape.

I love my friends although I don't see them or speak to them enough.

And I love my family. My wife Frances keeps me grounded (take that how you will) and our two sons Charlie and Teddy are our world.  

This is me. Vive le Steve.